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Stephen Colbert by JennHolton Stephen Colbert by JennHolton
Yes, that is the Colbert portrait they had hanging in the National Portrait Gallery here in DC. Yes, I am holding his book.

There was a huge line to see this thing—all of us huddled around the water fountains they hung it above and there were a few bewildered bathroom patrons walking past us as we gawked at the canvas printed Photoshop genius.

Then I ran around the corner and gaped at the Norman Rockwell painting of Richard Nixon. Because it was a freaking NORMAN ROCKWELL PAINTING.

Folks, if you've never been to the National Portait Gallery, I suggest you take an entire day off to go look around. Because it will take about that long to go through half of the gallery. I have been there about five times since I finally figured out where it was and I've yet to walk through the whole place. But I did find the basement with all the plexiglass encased "test" busts from various sculptors.

I love hanging out at the Portrait Gallery. I'm spending, like, the whole week after graduation walking through that place.
duchessofquirk Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2009
I'm so jealous! That is an awesome shot. lol Oh and I <3 Norman Rockwell too. He's so amazing!
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